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FortiGuard IPS Service

Effective intrusion prevention using actionable threat intelligence

As network infrastructure has evolved, the traditional perimeter has vanished, more workloads are moving to the cloud, and HQ datacenters are moving to distributed models. It is imperative that security controls also evolve to respond to threats and the challenges these changes create.

The FortiGuard Intrusion Prevention Service provides the most up-to-date defenses against stealthy network-level threats. With over 13,000+ IPS signatures covering known vulnerabilities and exploits, the FortiGuard IPS service protects enterprises both from known threats and zero-day vulnerabilities.

FortiGate IPS is a powerful and effective intrusion prevention system which delivers unparalleled performance, along with the depth and breadth of security coverage provided from FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence. This subscription-based service can be attached to the FortiGate NGFW that operates the integrated IPS, or on the FortiGate NGFW, deployed as a standalone IPS appliance.

FortiGate IPS, combined with the actionable threat intelligence, protects against the latest network intrusions by detecting and blocking threats before they reach network devices. Our combination of real-time threat intelligence updates and thousands of existing intrusion prevention rules delivers the industry’s best IPS protection.

What is an IPS?  


The FortiGuard IPS Service:


icon vulnerability

Breadth and depth of security signature coverage across the threat landscape

Virtual Patch

Protects your organization better by delivering a virtual patch for mitigating against known and zero-day vulnerabilities

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Improves security posture by proactively blocking malicious traffic

Threat Intelligence

Provides real-time threat intelligence updates to battle advanced cyber threats

FortiGuard Labs Global Threat Intelligence

The intelligence delivered through the IPS service comes from the global FortiGuard Labs development team. FortiGuard Labs, an industry-leading vulnerability research organization, integrates application intelligence with IPS to provide very high levels of security effectiveness. 

With 13,000+ IPS signatures and 860+ zero-day vulnerabilities credited, FortiGuard Labs boasts one of the largest security research and analyst teams in the industry with over 215 expert researchers and analysts around the world. Our dedicated experts are always on the lookout for breaking threats and new techniques—studying every critical area of the threat landscape including malware, botnets, mobile, and zero-day vulnerabilities.

The combination of our industry-leading research and analyst team, our innovative and proven AI and ML systems, and our extensive security intelligence ecosystem allows Fortinet to provide the leading-edge detection and protection our customers need to prevent, detect, and address new threats from the onset.