Network Security Expert Program

NSE 5 – Network Security Analyst


The NSE 5 – Network Security Analyst designation recognizes your ability to produce network analysis and reporting using FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer. FortiSIEM has been added to NSE 5, and while presently there is a FortiSIEM course, an exam will not be available until later in 2018.

Program Requirements

  • For product version 5.4, you must pass the FortiAnalyzer 5.4 Specialist and the FortiManager 5.4 Specialist exams.
  • For product version 5.2, you must pass the Fortinet Network Security Expert 5 Written Exam (500) exam, which tests your knowledge of both FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager.

These exams are available at Pearson VUE test centers.

While the FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer courses are not prerequisites for the exam, they are recommended. 

Who Should Attempt the NSE 5 Exam?

Network and security professionals who require the expertise to use FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer to centrally manage, analyze, and report upon Fortinet security devices.


NSE 5 certification is achieved upon either passing both NSE 5 specialist 5.4 exams or by passing the consolidated 5.2 exam. The NSE 5 certification is valid for 2 years. You can certify or re-certify by taking the current NSE 5 exams at a Pearson VUE center. For more information about recertification, click here.    

About the NSE 5 exams

  • Language: English and Japanese
  • Available at: Pearson VUE Test Centers worldwide
  • Cost: $200 for each of the FortiAnalyzer 5.4 Specialist and the FortiManager 5.4 Specialist exams, and $400 for the Fortinet Network Security Expert 5 Written Exam (500) exam
  • Scoring Method: Answers must be 100% correct for credit; there is no partial credit given. There are no deductions for incorrect answers
  • Type of questions: Multiple Choice, Multiple Select
  • Time required between attempts: 15 days
  • Transcript and Certificate: Upon passing the exam, your Fortinet NSE Institute transcript will be updated within two days and you will be able to download a printable certificate from the NSE Institute

About the FortiAnalyzer 5.4 Specialist exam

  • Number of items: 25
  • Time allowed to complete: 50 minutes total test time

About the FortiManager 5.4 Specialist exam

  • Number of items: 35
  • Time allowed to complete: 70 minutes total test time

About the NSE 5 consolidated exam (product version 5.2)

  • Number of items: 50
  • Time allowed to complete: 100 minutes total test time

How to Enroll in NSE 5 Certification Training

To enroll in the NSE 5 you must have an account on the NSE Institute. If you are a partner, you must enter through the partner portal. Everyone else enters through the NSE Institute website.

All others:

Partners, customers, and employees must access the NSE Institute via the portals above to receive credit towards your standing with Fortinet. You must use your company email address to register.

Once you’ve logged into the NSE Institute, go to the Network Security Expert catalog and search for courses by title:

For additional help, contact your regional training administrator: - Americas - Asia - Europe, Middle East