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Security as Enabler for Wide 5G Adoption

Fortinet Security Fabric Provides End-to-End Security for 5G Ecosystems

5G Adoption Enabler

Fortinet delivers consistent security across 5G private and public networks, leveraging the fastest NGFWs to enable industrial enterprises and MNOs. And 5G wireless WAN offers flexible, ultra-fast connectivity for SD-WAN.


5G Opens New Opportunities for Mobile Operators and Enterprises

5G offers a unique set of capabilities that empower enterprise verticals, in addition to the consumer market segment, in their digital transformation and innovation. Enhanced bandwidth, ultra-high reliability, low latency, high positioning precision, and native support for machine communications are some of the main 5G benefits that make it a transformative technology for enterprise verticals, such as manufacturing, logistics, and utilities.


Security for 5G - an Interview with Michael Xie, Fortinet Founder, President and CTO

Security for 5G: An Interview with Michael Xie, Fortinet Founder, President and CTO

Security's Growing Role in Enabling 5G Industry Adoption

Security's Role in Enabling 5G Industry Adoption

Native 5G Security Is Not Enough

5G is the most secure commercial mobile generation and wireless technology ever developed, enhancing authentication, encryption, and integrity. But internal 5G security mechanism are only part of the overall industrial ecosystem attack surface, so additional security layers must be added. Stronger security then ever is required for 5G because of its criticality, its distributed and open nature, and the fact that it is part of a larger industrial and use-case ecosystem.


The Fortinet Security Fabric: Securing Entire 5G Ecosystems and Use Cases

The Fortinet Security Fabric is the result of years of experience and know-how across mobile networks, operational technologies (OT), IIoT/IoT and business verticals and use cases, forming a blueprint and platform to security delivery for public and private 5G and industrial 5G ecosystems.

Broad, agile and modular, the Fortinet Security Fabric provides an integrated end-to-end security platform natively or via a layer of analytics and AI-based operational tools. It provides the required security visibility, automation, and control across public and private 5G networks and services and throughout the 5G industrial ecosystem—with native multitenancy, and a wide range of form factors for flexibility, deployment options, and performance considerations.

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can leverage the Fortinet Security Fabric to build differentiated, revenue-generating security value-added services for their enterprise customers adopting private and public 5G networks, in addition to securing their 5G private and public networks.