Secure Enterprise Branch SD-WAN

Transform Your WAN Edge Without Compromising Security

Gartner Survey Analysis: Security is the biggest WAN concern

Secure Enterprise Branch SD-WAN

Provisioning new branches and rapidly adopting new technologies can be difficult and time consuming with traditional WAN infrastructure.

SD-WAN helps enterprises improve employee productivity, reduce operating expenses, and simplify operations. But security is often overlooked. In fact, 90% of SD-WAN vendors don’t provide built-in next-generation firewalls (NGFW) with their WAN solutions, which means enterprises end up exposing their branches to threats.

Fortinet’s SD-WAN solution based on FortiGate provides next-generation security and networking capabilities to improve WAN efficiency without compromising security. Gain visibility into applications used across the enterprise, prioritize business-critical applications, and boost employee productivity. Our latest WAN Path Controller helps to reduce WAN cost without affecting the SLA for business applications.

Our SD-WAN solution has multiple security features, including high IPSEC VPN, IPS, web filtering, and the industry’s highest SSL inspection performance based on our purpose-built security processors—all of which can be managed through a single intuitive and unified management console. You can also streamline branch office management with the capability to manage WLAN and Ethernet switches to enable SD-Branch.

Fortinet is the best-of-breed option for networking and security solutions, from the network to the branch to the cloud.  We are the only vendor in the industry to have received an NSS Labs “Recommended” rating for both SD-WAN and Next-Gen Firewall Security.



Secure Branch SD-WAN



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