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Automate Your Security with Fortinet Fabric Connectors

Fortinet Fabric Connectors 

Automate Security and Simplify Management in Complex Hybrid Networks   

Today applications and data are distributed and reside everywhere – on-premises, in private, public and hybrid clouds.  With DevOps and the cloud increasingly used to accelerate application delivery, network operations are more dynamic than ever, however the lack of security integration and automation has slowed DevOps while increasing the management burden.  The growing adoption of cloud has further increased complexity and raised the risk of unintended security gaps in an expanding attack surface. 

Fortinet Fabric Connectors solve the pressing problem of ensuring that security keeps up with the rapid pace of operational changes in increasingly complex hybrid environments.  Fabric Connectors automate the process of managing dynamic security updates in multi-vendor environments, eliminate the need for manual intervention, and promote consistent security in the face of agile and dynamic operations. 

Fabric Connectors provide open, API based integration and orchestration of FortiGate or FortiManager with multiple SDN, cloud and partner technology platforms.   They are available in FortiOS, and easily deployed without requiring hardware or software modifications to the existing infrastructure.  Security is automated and synchronized at all times with dynamic operational changes, promoting DevOps acceleration and time to market, simplified security management and efficient resource utilization.


Fabric Connector In Action

FortiGate Connectors


The open, extensible architecture of Fabric Connectors enables support for a growing list of Connector types to automate the different security and operational aspects of the customer’s ecosystem. 


Fabric Connectors for Partner Technology Platforms

Cisco ACI vmware NuageNetwork    
aws aws-Lambda oracle cloud  
ServiceNow Microsoft-active-director Radius