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FortiToken Cloud

Everything you need to implement two-factor authentication in your FortiGate environment

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Compromised user accounts and passwords can result in crippling security breaches. Two-factor authentication verifies users entering the network, to eliminate these threats. FortiToken Cloud enables businesses to manage their FortiGate token implementations from anywhere with internet access. Users can also easily verify their accounts with the FortiToken Mobile application.    

FortiToken Cloud Use Cases

FortiToken Cloud Use Case on User Authentication

Fortinet User Authentication provides small businesses with the tools to effectively manage user identity and authentication, guest management, and two-factor authentication. This flexible solution allows small businesses to decide the best way to deploy and suit their needs with on-premises ready-to-use hardware, virtual machine, managed cloud, or Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) options. Whether customers have existing authentication infrastructure such as active directory, LDAP, or are utilizing new services through Google or other vendors, they are able to quickly integrate Fortinet’s fully featured suite of products to suit the needs of any small business.


Centralized Management

Centralized two-factor management supports FortiGate environments, and is ideal for small businesses.

One Login

FortiToken Mobile Push enables one-tap approval. View login details and approve or deny with just one click.

FortiToken Mobile Codes

One-time token codes are generated for users via the mobile application, and supports iPhone, Android, and Windows platforms.


Simple Deployment

Get two-factor authentication management up and running fast with one intuitive interface. FortiToken Cloud does not require any additional hardware, software, or ACL changes. 


Manage from Anywhere

FortiToken Cloud comes with everything you need to implement two-factor authentication in a FortiGate environment, including tokens via the FortiToken Mobile application. Manage and administer accounts from anywhere with internet access.


Scale As You Grow

With a stackable subscription service, you can increase FortiToken Cloud services as needed. Whether your small business is growing in size or adding new users, you can expand your service as you see fit. 

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