Leverage LTE connections to deliver reliable internet access

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Establishing and maintaining internet connectivity is critical to enable business operations and efficiencies. The FortiExtender appliance allows you to leverage your existing wireless carrier LTE connectivity to provide broadband speeds that can be used as a highly secure primary or backup internet connection. Limit downtime by leveraging FortiExtender as a failover WAN link in the event of an outage of the primary WAN connection. 


Primary Connectivity

Use FortiExtender as a primary secure, high-speed internet connection for any location with 3G or 4G availability.


Alternative Access

Limit downtime by leveraging FortiExtender as a failover WAN link in the event of an outage of the primary WAN connection.

supports dual carriers lte

Supports Dual Carriers

FortiExtender supports two different LTE carriers, so you can optimize the bandwidth usage across your business.



Power POS Systems

Enable point-of-sale (POS) systems to easily process secure transactions and meet PCI compliance.


Increase Efficiencies

Dedicated internet connections allow employees to streamline operations and boost and business productivity.  


Flexible Management

Choose just how you want to manage, FortiExtender —from an attached FortiGate, or via the FortiExtender Cloud service. 

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FortiExtender Models and Specifications

FortiExtender Appliances can be managed by a FortiGate or from the cloud by the FortiExtender Cloud service.



Model Internal Modem Modem Outdoor FortiExtender Cloud
FEX-40D-AMEU Yes CAT-6 (300 Mbps) No Yes
FEX-40D-INTL Yes CAT-3 (150 Mbps) No Yes
FEX-40D-NAM Yes CAT-3 (150 Mbps) No Yes