FortiProxy: Secure Web Gateway

Enterprise-class protection against internet-borne threats and Advanced Web Content Caching

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Secure and optimize your network

As attacks become more versatile, organizations need an integrated approach to secure from malicious web traffic, websites, and viruses. Fortinet's secure web gateway, FortiProxy, addresses these issues with one, unified product to protect against web attacks with URL filtering, advanced threat defense, and malware protection. Defend end-users from internet-borne threats and enforce policy compliance.

Secure Web Gateway addresses a set of overlapping security problems within one product. Using one solution which protects against web attacks with URL filtering, advanced threat defense and malware protection to defend users from internet-borne threats and help enforce internet policy compliance.


FortiProxy Video


FortiProxy Secure Web Gateway Demo

In this video we will introduce you to some of the features and capabilities of Fortinet's Secure Web Gateway, FortiProxy.

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FortiProxy Product Details

FortiProxy is a secure web proxy that protects employees against internet-borne attacks by incorporating multiple detection techniques such as web filtering, DNS filtering, data loss prevention, antivirus, intrusion prevention, and advanced threat protection. FortiProxy helps to reduce bandwidth demands and optimize the network with content and video caching.

FortiProxy is a high-performance proxy with physical and virtual appliances deployed on site to serve organizations of all sizes. 



FortiProxy Models and Specifications

SWG is available in different form factors with many different models to choose from to meet your needs ranging from hardware appliances to VM options that be deployed in your datacenter.


Hardware Appliances
FortiProxy 400E
License Capacity
500-4,000 Users
4x GE RJ45
FortiProxy 2000E
License Capacity
2,500-15,000 Users
2x 10 GE SFP+, 2x GE SFP ports, 2x GE RJ45 ports
FortiProxy 4000E
License Capacity
10,000-50,000 Users
4x 10 GE SFP+, 2x GE SFP ports, 4x GE RJ45 ports
Virtual Machines
FortiProxy VM
License Capacity
100-25,000 Users
1 / 10 (Minimum/Maximum)

FortiGuard Security Services for FortiProxy

FortiProxy employs multiple FortiGuard services to protect users against the latest web threats and to enforce compliance.  One of the key services is FortiGuard Web Filtering, which is the only web filtering service in the industry that is VBWeb certified for security effectiveness by Virus Bulletin.


FG Antivirus

안티 바이러스

FortiGuard 안티바이러스는 최신 바이러스, 스파이웨어, 기타 콘텐츠 수준의 위협으로부터 보호합니다. 업계 최고의 고급 감지 엔진을 이용하여 새로운 위협과 진화하는 위협이 네트워크에 거점을 두고 귀중한 콘텐츠에 접근하는 것을 방지합니다.

FG Application Control

애플리케이션 제어

사용자가 실행 중인 애플리케이션에 대한 실시간 가시성을 통해 허용되는 사용 정책을 쉽게 적용함으로써 보안을 강화하고 규정 준수를 충족합니다. FortiGuard 액세스 제어를 사용하면 빠르게 정책을 만들어서 애플리케이션 또는 전체 애플리케이션 카테고리에 대한 액세스를 허용, 거부, 제한할 수 있습니다.

icon sandbox cloud

FortiCloud 샌드박스

FortiCloud 샌드박스 서비스는 동적 분석을 수행하여 아직 알려지지 않은 멀웨어를 찾아내는 지능형 위협 감지 솔루션입니다. FortiCloud 샌드박스에서 생성되어 즉각 조치가 가능한 인텔리전스가 네트워크 내에 전달되어 위협을 제거합니다.

FG Intrusion Prevention

침입 방지

FortiGuard IPS는 위협이 네트워크 장치에 도달하기 전에 감지하고 차단함으로써 최신 네트워크 침입을 방지합니다.

FG Web Filtering

웹 필터링

악성 웹사이트, 해킹된 웹사이트 또는 부적절한 웹사이트에 액세스하는 것을 차단함으로써 기업을 보호합니다.

FortiProxy Secure Web Gateway Demo

product demo fortiproxy

Fortinet FortiProxy product demo

With the increase in SSL web traffic, zero-day malware, and growing number of social websites, enterprises are turning to secure web gateways to protect employees from internet-borne attacks. 

This demo lets you explore the key FortiProxy features such as SSL Inspection, DNS and web filtering, web application control, authenticated web access and detailed reporting. 

Access the demo

FortiProxy FAQs

What is FortiProxy?

FortiProxy is a Fortinet secure web gateway (SWG) solution designed to provide visibility, compliance, web security, and threat protection for organizations of all sizes.

What is the licensing model?

Licensing model pricing for FortiProxy

Each hardware/VM comes with advanced caching and WAN optimization features—there is no license for these features. The SWG Protection Bundle includes all of the security services and is licensed per number of users. Content analysis is an optional service, which is also licensed per number of users and should be equal to the number of SWG protection bundle licenses.    

What does the SWG Protection Bundle and Content Analysis include?

  1. SWG Protection is a bundle license. It includes all the important SWG functionality such as:
    • web filtering and DNS filtering
    • application control
    • DLP
    • Antivirus
    • Botnet (IP/Domain)
    • IPS
    • FortiSandbox Cloud
  2. Content Analysis is an add-on service that detects ‘toxic’ visual content within specific threat categories, such as pornography and graphic violence content in images and videos.
  3. Include advanced caching and WAN-optimization.

SWG Protection bundle has a lot of services. Can the services be purchased individually?

  1. No, services in the bundle can’t be purchased individually.
  2. SWG Protection bundle offers a huge advantage, as our competitors charge for each individual service separately. 

How does Fortinet compare with other SWG vendors?

  1. Some major SWG vendors are very expensive. They charge for each add-on service and the renewals are costly.
  2. All-Inclusive license, no need for any other fee for each add-on/module 
  3. No need to add external HW or special license for Caching and WAN-Optimization (such other vendors) 
  4. SSL-HW in each FPX-HW to gain high SSL Inspection performance and CP9 for boost