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Firewall Migration Service

FortiConverter Delivers Automated Firewall Migration for Optimal Network Security

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Migration to FortiGate Made Easy

FortiConverter Service provides hassle-free migration to help organizations transition from a wide range of legacy firewalls to FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls quickly and securely. This automated service converts an existing policy to the appropriate capabilities in the latest FortiGate by using proven methodologies.

All converted configuration files are validated in a lab environment by Fortinet experts. Your team can enjoy a smooth, supported migration experience while eliminating human errors that often occur in manual processes. As a result, your organization is protected by the latest FortiOS security technologies and business impact is reduced.

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Accelerate Transformation for Optimal Protection

FortiConverter Service helps organizations simplify the migration process and get better protection from the latest FortiGate NGFW.

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FortiConverter Service

FortiConverter Service

FortiConverter Service is a one-time migration service available for FortiGate hardware and virtual appliances. This affordable, zero-touch service is ideal for organizations that want to automate their transformation processes. FortiConverter Service offers fast and secure configuration conversion without an in-house expert. Organizations simply upload existing firewall configurations through an intuitive cloud portal. All files are converted with proven methodology and validated in a labs environment. FortiConverter Service helps organizations reduce the impact to their business.  

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FortiConverter Tool

FortiConverter Tool

FortiConverter Tool is software designed for service providers or organizations that have firewall knowledge and plan to offer migration services to their customers. Available as a yearly subscription, the FortConverter Tool enables a service provider to perform an unlimited number of configuration conversions over the FortiConverter library of third-party firewalls.

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Professional Service

Professional Services

Organizations may choose Fortinet Professional Services for end-to-end migration consulting by leveraging the Fortinet team’s conversion expertise and extended experience. Fortinet Professional Services delivers personalized services with a time-tested migration framework and methodology that is driven by best practices to meet each organization’s unique needs.

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Features and Benefits

Broad Vendor Support

Conversion of firewall configuration from various third-party models and legacy FortiGates

Safe and Expedited Transition

Secure and automated migration approach saves time and reduces business impact

Human Error Prevention

Simplified conversion process provides visibility and eliminates human errors

Cost-effective Transformation

Affordable service gives access to all vendors and supports migration of any size and complexity

Optimal Migration Experience

Comprehensive insights of service status, reports, and audit results from an intuitive portal
Fortinet Security Fabric: Secure Networking

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기존의 보안 전략으로는 원격 작업에서 모빌리티, 멀티 클라우드 네트워크에 이르기까지 확장되는 공격 표면의 문제를 따라잡을 수 없습니다. Fortinet 보안 네트워킹은 네트워크 인프라를 보안 아키텍처와 긴밀하게 통합하여 이러한 문제를 해결합니다. 즉, 네트워크가 확장 및 변경되어도 보안이 유지됩니다.

FortiGate: Next-Generation Firewall News

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Fortinet is accelerating data center security performance with its seventh-generation network processor—the NP7—which made its first appearance in the company’s FortiGate 1800 firewall earlier this year.