The Need for a Secure Wireless LAN in Education

Couple the ever expanding Security Threat Landscape with the need to support BYOD and enable mobility around the campus, and it’s now critical that all education institutions have a robust and Secure Wireless LAN strategy.

Many education institutions have been appearing in news headlines for the wrong reasons recently. From 300,000 student records being stolen from the University of Maryland, to student grades being changed at a Potomac High School, protecting education networks from security threats is more important than ever.

Join Neil Sundstrom, VP Wireless Solutions, and Jim Brausen, Director of Education, as they explore how Fortinet’s Secure Wireless LAN solution can support your BYOD and mobility needs, while still keeping your network secure and out of the headlines!

Neil and Jim will cover:

  • Brief Introduction to Fortinet
  • Education Security Landscape
  • Recent Education Security Breaches
  • Fortinet Secure WLAN Approach
  • 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi for Education