Is Your Data Center Ready for Today's DDoS Threats?

DDoS attack types, protection methods and testing your detection and mitigation defenses

In this jointly developed white paper from Fortinet and Ixia you'll learn the basics of a DDoS attack, methods to mitigate them, and how to thoroughly test your DDoS mitigation defenses. Topics discussed include:

  • How DDoS attacks work
  • Layer 3, 4 and 7 DDoS attack types and how they disable your network resources
  • How to choose the right DDoS mitigation solution including ISPs, DDoS service providers and dedicated hardware appliances
  • Why you need to regularly test your DDoS vulnerabilities
  • How to develop a DDoS mitigation testing plan and key things that need to be addressed
  • A review of testing options from free software-based tools to dedicated testing appliances

DDoS Attack Mitigation Appliances - FortiDDoS

Fortinet is the only company to use a 100% custom ASIC approach to its DDoS products with a 100% adaptive behavior-based threat identification engine.


  • Unmatched DDoS detection and mitigation performance with less than 50 microsecond latency
  • Easy-to-deploy and manage with automatic learning tools and intuitive GUI
  • Lowest TCO compared to other hardware and service-based DDoS mitigation solutions
  • Best false-detection avoidance with sub-minute blocking and attack reevaluation