Spin Up and Spin Down Firewall Rules with Hypervisor-Based Security

Security Virtual Appliance is known to be more elastic and can be deployed like any workload VMs. FortiGate-VMX integrated with VMware NetX API and embrace the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) vision. Organizations can spin up and down on-demand to inspect and secure the east and west traffic.

FortiGate-VMX solution is integrated seamlessly and programmatically with VMware vSphere on hypervisor integration to provide advanced security features. The Control Plane leverages NSX compatible API integration and automates the FortiGate-VMX appliance orchestration, workload management, and deployment from VMware NSX Manager. In another word, the solution pushes virtual appliance to anywhere the virtual traffic needs automatically.

The technical whitepaper digs in deeper on how the control and data plane exchanges to provide auto-scaling and auto-provisioning security for business units or cloud tenants to fulfill more elasticity around application workloads.