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Veracruz State Government

“Using multiple Fortinet solutions and leveraging the Fortinet Security Fabric to manage both the network and equipment provides us with visibility over transactional demands and enables us to apply policies from a central location, thus decreasing the time invested in operational tasks and network administration.”

Sebastian Silva Sanchezi, Director-General of Technological Innovation, Veracruz State Government


The Veracruz State Government, led by Governor Miguel Angel Yunes Linares, inherited a multifaceted operation with multiple dependencies and entities, as well as a nearly 10- year lag in technological infrastructure. There were expired licenses, delayed maintenance services, lack of bandwidth and high costs for perimeter security services, the vast majority of which were outdated.

Sebastian Silva Sanchez took over as Director-General of Technological Innovation, responsible for leading the Veracruz State Government’s digital agenda. He faced the challenge of modernizing and standardizing the government’s cybersecurity strategy in a short and unusual two-year administration period. After a thorough evaluation, Fortinet was deemed the appropriate company to help respond to these challenges, so it began equipment implementation and engineering deployment.

In this case study, learn how the organization transformed from technological obsolescence to a reliable and agile network security environment.    

Business Impact


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Optimize operational spending and ensure protection for all information traveling across Veracruz’s State Network

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Strengthen data link services and reduce costs

Visibility Protection

Provide protection using advanced security technology, with central and simple administration

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Reliably manage more than 23,000 employee and 22,000 citizen requests through digital channels on a daily basis

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