TPx Communications

Robust and Integrated Security Tools Help a Nationwide MSP

“More than half of malware is now encrypted. With FortiGate, activating SSL/TLS inspection does not impact performance.”

– Erik Nordquist, Sr. Product Manager, TPx Communications


Managed services provider TPx Communications focused mostly on networking services before it acquired another MSP in 2016. Since then, it has been building a complete suite of managed networking, communications, and security offerings. The company combined its two managed firewall services—both based on FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFWs)—and bolstered its offering by building two security operations centers (SOCs) and adding additional features powered by Fortinet tools. SOC employees are now required to achieve at least level 4 of Fortinet’s Network Security Expert (NSE) certification program.

Partnering with Fortinet has enabled TPx to offer its customers a robust set of cybersecurity offerings, with enhancements like secure Wi-Fi and highly customized, automated reporting. Due to Fortinet’s integrated security architecture, the company is able to deliver these services with maximum efficiency and pass those cost savings on to customers. And customers now have secure access to view their own environments at any time—even if just for peace of mind. TPx’s relationship with Fortinet has been so successful that the company is preparing to launch a new SOC-as-a-Service offering powered by Fortinet management and analytics tools.

Learn more about TPx Communications’ journey by reading the case study, which details the company’s growing relationship with Fortinet for its managed services offerings.

Business Impact


icon benefits secure choice

Improved security posture for customers due to integrated, comprehensive security protection

high performance icon

Higher efficiency via streamlined management and reporting

reduce cash icon

Lower costs for customers due to increased efficiency in providing managed services

analytics icon

Enhanced analysis via retaining NGFW logs using FortiManager

icon benefits identity and access

Secure FortiPortal access to configurations gives customers greater peace of mind

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