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Secure OCI Environment Brings Big Efficiency to Outsourced Email Service

“Email is frequently a target for bad actors. The FortiGuard and FortiGate-VM solutions give us the same level of protection we provision in our private cloud data centers today. That is crucial to our clients.”

– Ian Mitchell, Executive Director, Technical Operations, Synacor


Technology service provider Synacor, Inc. saw the potential to achieve cost and time savings and to accelerate its service to customers by shifting its hosted-email solution onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). However, the move would not have been possible without effective security.

A proof of concept (POC) revealed FortiGate-VM as the right firewall to protect the end-user email accounts of Synacor’s clients. This cloud-based threat protection is as rigorous as that provided by the physical firewalls in the firm’s five data centers. Yet, now the firm can set up a new client much faster. Network engineers are spending 30% less time deploying hosted-email security services, and protecting client emails costs half as much as similar firewall and intrusion prevention would cost in a data center environment.

Learn more about how Synacor is securely and efficiently hosting customer solutions in OCI, in this case study.

Business Impact


icon integration

Better security management via tight integration of cloud security data with third-party on-premises security management tools

icon benefits variety of settings

90% faster setup of a new hosted-email customer

icon benefits reduce complicity

30% less staff time spent on deployment and renewals for hosted-email service

reduce cash icon

50% lower cost compared with data center solutions that provide similar capabilities

customizable icon

Competitive advantage with prospects that want to test-drive email service using their own data

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