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St Aidan’s and St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ Schools

Fortinet and Saasyan Help Two Australian Schools Enhance Their Security and Cyber Welfare Capabilities

“Our decision to continue to stay with FortiGates when deciding to renew our firewalls was based on our previous experience with the FortiGates, as well as the ability that it works and integrates well with third-party products.”

– Greg Anderson, CIO, St Aidan’s and St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ Schools


The information technology team at St Aidan’s and St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ Schools needed a flexible approach to controlling and monitoring internet usage. That is because it needs to protect a variety of different students’ welfare online. However, the only way to achieve this with a small IT team was through automation and self-service capabilities.

Having had success with FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls to protect its network edge from cybersecurity threats, the schools partnered with Saasyan, and its Student Cyber Welfare Solution. The integration of Saasyan and the FortiGate NGFW, enabled through the Fabric-Ready Program in the Fortinet Open Fabric Ecosystem, adds an advanced student cyber welfare capability to FortiGate. Reporting and alerting tools fed by log data from the FortiGate NGFWs allow the schools to act in real time before a welfare incident occurs. And an intuitive interface makes data analysis and reporting easy to use, freeing time and resources for the schools’ IT team.

Learn how this solution for St Aidan’s and St Margaret’s ultimately helps staff and students improve online safety and education outcomes in this case study.

Business Impact


analytics icon

K-12 centric reporting and alerting allow the schools to act before a welfare incident occurs

defense icon

Enables the schools to promote good digital citizenship and protect students from cyberbullying and self-harm

icon benefits application control

Affords web content controls configurable by grade level, and use at school vs. use by boarders outside of school

Easy Set Up

Highly intuitive interface democratizes data analysis and reporting and frees time and resources for the IT team

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