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Pike Enterprises

Fortinet Delivers a Comprehensive Suite of Proven Products for Pike Enterprises

“I have yet to come across another competitor that has a product that can sway me from continuing to use Fortinet at Pike Enterprises.”

Walter Schulze, Lead Network Architect, Pike Enterprises


Pike Corporation is one of the leading providers of energy, telecommunications, and gas infrastructure solutions in the United States. Already a longtime Fortinet customer, it elected to refresh its FortiGate Network Firewalls and double-down on Fortinet’s comprehensive offerings, expanding its use cases with cellular WAN connectivity, FortiExtender, and FortiGate Secure SD-WAN. The company supports small construction trailers and mobile command trailers that need internet access, and use cellular WAN services. FortiExtender provides even more cellular connectivity options. For Pike, the consolidation of NGFW capabilities and SD-WAN into a single device is a major benefit—mitigating the risk of introducing additional points of failure at each location.

Learn how Pike maintains network uptime for its remote employees and feels confident it is prepared for an ever-changing threat landscape in this case study and video.

Business Impact


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Provided secure access for employees working on site

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Eliminated additional single points of failure for branch offices

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Offered adaptive solutions for cellular WAN

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Helped the organization navigate an ever-changing threat landscape

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