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Largest Brazilian Food and Beverage Company Improves Connectivity and Availability With Fortinet LAN Edge Solution

“By implementing the Fortinet LAN Edge solution, it was possible to achieve a considerable increase in network visibility and control. In addition, we have centralized management, which gives us a lot of agility in our work.”

– Eduardo Bedoia, IT Infrastructure Analyst, Maratá


For Maratá, one of the largest food manufacturers in Brazil, having a modern infrastructure to support its operations was key. The company faced challenges with its legacy infrastructure. For example, a lack of Wi-Fi coverage in its warehouses led to inefficient inventory scanning. It also faced LAN-related outages that sent the IT team chasing for solutions. Not stopping there, Maratá needed to address its network and firewalls among a handful of facilities—it struggled to see where problems were on its network. And finally, with an upgraded ERP system deployment, it needed to ensure high-availability and a better user experience for the business-critical application. For this, it sought a security-driven networking modernization.

The company deployed FortiSwitch and FortiAP devices, managed by FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls to upgrade secure Ethernet switching and wireless access. With this, Maratá experiences better network stability and connectivity incidents are gone. Maratá uses Fortinet Secure SD-WAN to directly connect locations to the cloud via redundant, secure links, thus improving access and availability to its ERP application. FortiAnalyzer offers the company centralized, real-time threat and incident log management enabling the company to react in real time to threats and be better prepared to prevent attacks. With the Security Fabric platform, it has high visibility and control making management much more efficient.

Learn how Maratá continues to build on its secure networking success in this case study.

Business Impact


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Stable wireless connectivity that supports demanding business processes

Visibility Protection

Complete network visibility and control from a single location

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Secure, reliable, and highly accessible business applications

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Real-time threat and incident log management, which makes security management automated and streamlined

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