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Goodwill Central Texas

Goodwill Central Texas Increases Network Resilience With Fortinet Secure SD-Branch

“With Fortinet, I can access everything over the FortiGates and make changes to all devices from a single interface. That level of integration makes network management much easier; I need to only write a script once to immediately update all our firewalls, switches, and access points right across our locations.”

– Chris Dennick, IT Manager, Goodwill Central Texas


Goodwill Central Texas is a not-for-profit enterprise that empowers people through education, career training, and work. The engine behind its successful programs is a 37-branch retail network and ecommerce operation. To keep all of this humming, especially its retail operations, Goodwill depends on a highly resilient network among its retail branches, headquarters, warehouses, and a co-located data center. With its legacy environment channeling all network traffic through headquarters, there was too much risk when a single point of failure occurred. For this reason and more, the organization turned to Fortinet Secure SD-Branch as its solution to a number of technology business problems.

The Security Fabric enabled through the consolidation of branch services for its local-area network (LAN) edge brings together multiple other Fortinet capabilities—all of which are easily managed through one operating system. When it comes to connectivity resilience, the company now runs significantly more broadband capacity at a lower cost. And, with multiple WAN links, it no longer has the threat of a single point of failure.

Read how optimizing and converging security, WAN, and LAN greatly increases resilience for Goodwill Central Texas and helps support its social programs in this case study.

Business Impact


high performance icon

Improved network resilience increases business performance

icon benefits reduce complicity

Centralized network management reduces cost and complexity

Visibility Protection

Increased visibility of threats and reduced time to mitigation

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Increased internet capacity at half the cost of legacy connection

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