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Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt

Achieving World-Class Security Standards for Major Children’s Cancer Hospital

“Fortinet has enabled us to exceed our compliance goals, expand further, and provide a more efficient service to our patients, while maintaining data protection.”

– Mohamed Aggag, Deputy CEO for Medical Affairs and Information Technology, Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt


The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt, widely known as Hospital 57357, is one of the largest children’s hospitals in the world and is a leading light in the treatment of pediatric cancer. The hospital’s legacy network had become sluggish, and siloed operations made it difficult to support existing network services securely, much less expand them. Taking a holistic approach, the hospital turned to the Fortinet Security Fabric to protect both its main hospital network and the wide area connections to its two other sites. The Fabric Management Center provided a cure for the hospital’s previously fragmented network and security operations and facilitated compliance.

Learn more about how Hospital 57357’s increased uptime and improved data security are contributing to outstanding cancer patient care in this case study.

Business Impact


Icon automation

Improved system efficiency to cope with expansion


Enabled future expansion and new endeavors

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Achieved goals of meeting numerous international standards of security and visibility

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