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BK Bank

Brazilian Bank Enhances On-premises and Cloud-based Network Security With Fortinet

“Integrated Fortinet solutions give us broad visibility, which provides for far easier and more proactive network management. This helps us improve all business processes.”

– Caio Hyppolito, CTO, BK Bank


After the success of a previous deployment of FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs), FortiWeb web application firewall (WAF), and FortiAnalyzer for advanced security analytics, BK Bank found it needed to modernize and migrate its operations to AWS Cloud. One key goal for the bank was to verify its cloud security model was compliant with all relevant industry regulations.

With that aim in mind, the company asked Fortinet Cloud Consulting experts to assist with the migration and help ensure it had robust and agile protection in the cloud. BK Bank implemented FortiCNP (Cloud Native Protection) for visibility into its cloud-hosted applications. For example, to give the bank insight into how to fix configurations that fail to meet best practices. The system also enables BK Bank to more easily comply with regulatory standards like Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification.

Learn how integrated Fortinet solutions give BK Bank broad visibility—both on-premises and in the cloud—leading to improved business processes in this case study

Business Impact


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Secure, integrated network management and visibility

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Blocks almost all 80,000 fraudulent intrusion attempts the bank receives every five minutes

Visibility Protection

Complete visibility into the cloud ecosystem for easier, more proactive operation management

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Integrated and dynamic protection for AWS Cloud environment

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