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Atrius Health

“If you do not know about a device, there is no way to monitor and protect it. FortiNAC gives us a clear picture of the network and enables us to quickly find assets and shut down individual network ports.”

Rob Fountaine, Manager of Information Security, Atrius Health


Atrius Health is a nonprofit, comprehensive ambulatory healthcare organization with 36 clinical locations throughout eastern Massachusetts. With more than 10,000 employees, including 900 physicians that cover 50 specialties, the organization provides comprehensive adult and pediatric care for over 740,000 patients. With a focus on technology and accountable care, Atrius Health strives to simplify healthcare services by providing on-site laboratories, medical scans, eye care and more.  

Atrius Health relies on electronic medical records (EMR) to provide instant access to patient data, ensuring seamless service across a wide range of providers and departments. Lack of complete visibility across the network could result in an easy path for data loss.

In this case study, learn how the organization gained visibility into the entire network to ensure efficient, centralized management.

Business Impact


Compliance icon

Secured physical network connections to ensure HIPAA compliance and prevent data loss

Visibility Protection

Gained complete visibility of all wired endpoints

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Detected and eliminated more than a dozen unregistered devices, including several unsecured wireless routers and hubs

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Reduced unnecessary and duplicate equipment expenses

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