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Innovating for a Safe Internet

Driving Sustainability through Cybersecurity

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More than half of the world's population is now online, and nearly everyone lives in an area covered by a mobile network. This progress has provided unprecedented financial and social opportunities for individuals and organizations. However, these advances have also been a catalyst for the growth of cybercrime, which threatens the welfare of our global digital economy and the potentially negative social impacts of the misuse of digital technology pertaining to privacy and information security.

Fortinet is engaged in innovating for a safe Internet for all, responsibly, and committed to driving progress and sustainability through cybersecurity.


Addressing Cybersecurity Risks to Society

As our digital world continues to advance, public, private sector, and personal environments are increasingly converging. As a result, the disruption of operations or services and the loss or compromise of data due to cyberattacks now affect everyone. Fortinet is committed to developing advanced cybersecurity to create a safer internet for all through innovation, community engagement, and partnerships. 



We strive for innovation and customer success. Because Fortinet solutions are designed to natively interoperate, they provide protections that span digital environments, allowing data, applications, and users to operate from anywhere to anywhere using any device. This can only be achieved through our unparalleled commitment to innovation, evidenced by our leadership position and the 700+ patents we have been awarded—many times more than any other vendor in this space. Our innovative technologies have been engineered to provide the highest security performance and smallest footprint, delivering the best sustainable value to our customers and partners, which is why they are also the most deployed solutions in the world. Fortinet's security platform also allows organizations to reduce operational complexity and policy management overheads for greater visibility and faster mitigation.


From Digital Divide to Digital Trust. To help schools bridge the homework gap, Fortinet has partnered with Linksys to deliver an affordable solution that delivers reliable broadband access with nationwide coverage. Research shows that a lack of adequate internet access impacts student performance. Sadly, school-age children in lower-income households and rural areas are especially likely to lack such access. In the US, this is particularly pronounced in Black, Hispanic, and Native American households. With the Fortinet-Linksys solution, schools can easily distribute the provision-free hardware to students in need of high-speed internet connections at home and stay on top of learning requirements for better academic performance. 

Through such partnerships, we also aim to create a digital trust for all and help them avoid the potentially negative social impacts of the misuse of digital technology, especially in terms of privacy and information security.

Ensuring Information Security & Privacy


Competing effectively in today's digital marketplace depends on maintaining the confidence of customers and partners and protecting critical digital resources, infrastructures, and intellectual property. This is especially critical when it comes to upholding the human right to privacy and data protection. We provide organizations worldwide with the advanced technologies they need to protect the privacy of their employees and customers and to comply with local, national, and international laws and regulations, such as the EU's GDPR, California's CCPA, New York's SHIELD Act, etc.

We use those same technologies for the secure collection, analysis, storage, sharing, and transfer of customer, employee, and worker data in our operations. We do this to protect data from unwanted parties, unauthorized access, and cyber threats and conform to globally recognized standards.

Beyond Technology

In addition to the physical development of advanced cybersecurity technologies, Fortinet is also focused on advancing cybersecurity by sharing our expertise and driving global cooperation.



FortiGuard Labs

Fortinet's global threat intelligence and research organization, FortiGuard Labs, drives malware research around the world. FortiGuard Labs is comprised of experienced threat hunters, researchers, analysts, engineers, and data scientists. It is also supported by an advanced AI threat intelligence system that gathers and correlates data from millions of nodes and hundreds of threat feeds to identify threat patterns and evolution.



Global Cooperation

Fortinet is a founding member and holds a permanent seat on the World Economic Forum's Centre for Cybersecurity. This forum is focused on developing solutions to the world's most pressing cybersecurity challenges, including continuing efforts to close the cybersecurity skills gap and share bold ideas that will create the global impact needed to secure the future. We are also part of the World Economic Forum's Working Group called Partnership against Cybercrime which promotes public-private collaboration in the fight against cybercrime. 



Industry Alliances

We are a founding member of the Cyber Threat Alliance, a consortium of security vendors dedicated to sharing critical threat intelligence to raise the level of security for all organizations worldwide.