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Primary Wireless WAN Connectivity with LTE and 5G


Increased digitalization of non-IT systems, as well as the convergence of OT and IoT with IT, is driving new ways to connect outside of traditional broadband. LTE or 5G Wireless WAN (WWAN) is emerging as the best options for various deployment scenarios, applications, and business operations.


The Challenge

As the enterprise network grows more distributed and defined by thin branch network locations, remote access, and mobile services, traditional broadband connectivity is often not enough to maintain the resiliency and network uptime required. In addition, supporting traditional WAN transport often results in high costs, especially in industries heavily-dependent Industrial IoT and OT devices and with multiple distributed site locations. In the retail space, stores or kiosks processing point-of-sale (POS) transactions also face strict PCI compliance requirements.

Challenges include:

  • Achieving 99.999% uptime everywhere
  • Continuous connectivity where cable and DSL are not available
  • Accelerated security and networking convergence
  • Tool, system, and vendor sprawl
  • Security-as-a-Service roll-out

The reality is that new, distributed device-networks are emerging in nearly every vertical space, bringing an unprecedented level of agility to business operations, but with it, also new networking and connectivity challenges. Establishing and maintaining a higher level of secure, resilient wireless connectivity is key in maintaining business continuity, real-time agility, and safety.

The Solution

FortiExtender delivers highly-availability wireless WAN solutions that empower organizations with the scalability and agility of LTE and 5G cellular connectivity. Rely on Fortinet to connect heavy branch and light branch sites, vehicle fleets, field personnel, OT smart meters, and IoT devices without the limitations of fixed broadband networks.

FortiExtender offers a high level of deployment flexibility and options that allow wireless networks to become high-availability networks with 3G/4G LTE or even 5G.


FortiExtender provides a reliable WAN connection to a firewall, such as a FortiGate, using the cellular LTE infrastructure as well as 5G. These connections are powerful and reliable enough to replace and surpass common broadband networks. But those businesses that want to use multiple WAN connections, including for SD-WAN, can also use FortiExtender for one of those WAN links. In addition, users can create 5G and LTE wireless interface to create SD-WAN rules and performance SLA’s, further hardening the integration between FortiExtender and Fortinet Secure SD-WAN.