Fortinet Training & Certification Program

Build a workforce skilled in all aspects of Fortinet's network security platform who will be recognized in the industry amount an elite group of security professionals. 

The global cybersecurity threat landscape means that education is crucial for organizations today.

In order to get the best from any product, it is essential to fully understand its operation, correct implementation, and ongoing management.

The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) Program has been created to educate your organization’s stakeholders, so they can respond appropriately to the challenges presented by the digital economy and evolving enterprise networks.

After completing Fortinet training, candidates will be self-sufficient, able to manage high-performance security across their organization’s IT infrastructure, and ready to achieve their organization’s business goals.

Candidates will develop the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the network security industry. Besides, they will be prepared for the certification exams.    

The NSE Program is an eight-level certification program designed for technical professionals interested in independent validation of their network security skills and experience.

NSE Certification will help candidates validate their network security skills and experience, demonstrate value to current and future employers and leverage Fortinet’s full range of network security products and solutions.

Candidates who successfully achieve Fortinet’s NSE certifications will be recognized in the industry among an elite group of security professionals.

The NSE Institute is Fortinet’s Learning Management System. It hosts courseware exams for NSE 1, self-paced technical trainings for NSE4-7, practice exams and manages candidate’s progress.

To access the NSE Institute, a company email address is required:

  • For Public accounts (end users, public and employees), log in directly to the NSE Institute
  • For Partners, log in to the NSE Institute through the Partner Portal    

View our courses and exams below:

Fortinet offers both public and private training deliveries:

  • Private Onsite Training

Onsite classes provide the same lectures and labs as Fortinet’s traditional public classroom training. A technical trainer delivers either standard training (NSE 4-7) or customized training at the customer’s site.

  • Public Training

o   Traditional classroom training

Instructor-led training (ILT)

A live instructor and students are located together in a physical classroom. Attending classroom training is a great experience at Fortinet facilities. Candidate can network with peers from different companies and countries, and Fortinet employees.

o   Remote training

All courses are available online except FortiWi-Fi and FortiDDoS (NSE 6), which require hardware.

Virtual instructor-led training (vILT)

Live, remote, instructor-led training delivered over the Internet.  Candidates attend sessions using an online classroom application, such as GoToTraining. The instructor will send candidates the GoToTraining invitation a few hours before the class starts. After a candidate is enrolled in virtual, instructor-led training, the candidate can access the corresponding student guide.

Self-paced training

This type of training is very flexible.

Candidates access prerecorded lessons and quizzes on the NSE Institute in the facilitated lab. After candidates are enrolled in self-paced training, they can access the corresponding facilitated lab.

Fortinet also has an extensive, global network of Authorized Training Center (ATC) partners that deliver live instructor, in classroom training and labs on Fortinet courseware with approved instructor staff. This allows you to attend authorized training in your region.