What is Network Security?

Network security refers to the technologies and policies used to defend any network, network traffic, and network-accessible assets from cyber attacks, unauthorized access, and data loss. It must protect at both the edge and inside the network, with a layered approach.


What are the key components?

The largest component of network security is a next-generation firewall. But to truly protect the network, other technologies are required such as intrusion prevention, VPN, sandboxing, CASB, web application firewall, email gateway, endpoint, and SIEM. A management system that streamlines operations and organizes logs for security insights and full visibility is also necessary for effective defense.    


What are the main challenges?

Networks are continually growing and evolving, and new technologies increase the attack surface and open the door to new threats. At the same time, cyber criminals are launching increasingly sophisticated attacks. The following are common challenges to securing networks:

  • Network performance slowdowns
  • Sophisticated, targeted attacks
  • Lack of visibility into entire network
  • Complexity: too many disparate products
  • Shortage of IT professionals    


How can today's requirements be addressed?

Effective network security requires a holistic approach. Essentially, to protect an organization’s entire attack surface, a layered approach with security solutions for all areas of the network:  data center, application, cloud, access, endpoint, and email must work together as an integrated and collaborative security fabric. They must share the latest threat intelligence and use a high degree of automation for consistent, rapid response to threats.

In addition, security controls and policies must be easy to manage and IT security staff must have full visibility of what’s happening throughout the network.


Where can I learn more about the security fabric approach?

Visit the Fortinet Security Fabric page to learn how its broad, integrated, and automated approach delivers true end-to-end network security.