Unified Event Correlation and Risk Management


  • Provides holistic view of your network security
  • Identifies potential future attack vectors in your network 
  • Locates vulnerabilities in front-line security
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Determine Critical Vulnerabilities and Prevent Breaches

Often, the most difficult step in preventing a security breach is knowing which vulnerabilities are most susceptible to attack. Nearly 85% of all breached organizations found evidence of vulnerabilities in their log files after the attacks but were not aware of them in time. With FortiMonitor’s advanced correlation and learning, you can identify future attack vectors and locate and prioritize vulnerabilities before cyber criminals can exploit them.

FortiMonitor delivers:

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High-performance host and security logging to quickly identify threats and areas of concern

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Multiple-vendor device support to aggregate Fortinet or third-party logs

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Interoperability with third-party host scanners for vulnerability analysis

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Correlation of vulnerable hosts with potentially malicious activity

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Single, unified console to quickly visualize risks

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