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The Bend Motorsport Park

“We have a lot of systems that are unique to motorsport and they are safety systems so securing that was front of mind and making sure, also, that our customers are secure.”

Nick Rench, IT Manager, The Bend Motorsport Park


The Bend Motorsport Park is one of the most significant developments in Australian motorsport history built from the ground up. The goal of this motorsport park is to produce a world class experience for all visitors, serving up to 45,000 people a day. The park needed to establish all of its foundational capabilities for technology. To ensure an excellent guest experience, they used a full suite of Fortinet integrated solutions to secure their network from the core to the edge. Due to the number of visitors, scalability was also critical. Fortinet’s broad solutions provide enhanced reliability in this large, complex environment, with automation features that simplify security.

Learn how The Bend Motorsport Park integrated security at their core with Fortinet solutions in this video.

Business Impact


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Met the company’s business goals and priorities


Provided a scalable solution that would grow with the company

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Control across the entire facility

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