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Food Manufacturer

Fortinet Enables Security at Scale as Food Manufacturer Prepares for Rapid Growth

“With Fortinet, we have a partner for the future. Fortinet’s solution portfolio and its vision of a Security Fabric running across the enterprise is exactly the holistic approach to security that is needed for tomorrow’s operational environment.”

– Director of IT, Food Manufacturer



For one food manufacturer, the next stage in its business development is to go to market on a wide scale. With this effort comes the need for security solutions that can deliver much greater functionality, control, and usability. The company also faces other challenges including cybersecurity threats to its key intellectual property as well as extending security across typical corporate environments, R&D functions, and manufacturing operations including the convergence of IT and OT (operational technology).

Fortinet meets these challenges of protecting the attack surface and provides a focus on industrial control systems for the manufacturer. The FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall, paired with secure switching and wireless through FortiSwitch and FortiAP devices make up the simple-to-manage architecture for the company. Key business impact results achieved include newfound agility, control, and visibility for secure growth at speed. And, it’s now looking to other capabilities in the Fortinet Security Fabric to further enable a zero-trust access security approach.

Read about how the Fortinet platform is making staff lives easier, reducing friction, and bringing the feature sets needed to securely scale the manufacturer’s business in this case study.

Business Impact


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Secures food manufacturer’s valuable IP and patents


Provides the agility, control, and visibility for secure growth at speed

Easy Set Up

Delivers frictionless user experiences and rapid deployment

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Lays the foundation for secure IT/OT convergence

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