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Sentara Healthcare

Healthcare MSSP Delivers Innovative Cloud Security to Multiple Providers

“Some of the challenges were finding a cloud firewall that would function in Azure. Fortinet met the needs of a cloud firewall. And then once COVID hit, it scaled to meet the capacity. The overall return on our investment with Fortinet is exponential compared to other products.”

– Matthew Douglas, Chief Enterprise Architect, Sentara Healthcare; Founder and CTO, Optify


Founded over 130 years ago, Sentara is a 30,000-employee healthcare payer and provider operating 14 hospitals in the eastern United States. Recognized nationally for clinical quality and safety, Sentara is especially concerned about the privacy of its electronic medical records (EMR), which are now stored in the Azure cloud. To protect that sensitive data, Sentara partnered with MSSP Infinite Computers to create a dedicated managed cloud service, Optify. The backbone of Optify’s patented cloud security framework is based on Fortinet secure networking solutions.


MSSP Trusts FortiGate To Protect Clients’ Medical Records in the Cloud

“With Fortinet's threat intelligence, we were able to mitigate all external attacks. We were able to see those attacks with other third-party tools. And with Fortinet's ingress-egress firewalls, we were able to [get] true visibility to all traffic across our network.” – Matthew Douglas, Chief Enterprise Architect, Sentara Healthcare; Founder and CTO, Optify

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Business Impact


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Robust protection for electronic medical records (EMR) and healthcare applications in the cloud

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Simplified cloud migration with Next-Generation Firewall designed for Azure cloud


Capacity to meet remote access demands during COVID pandemic

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Easier end-to-end management requiring fewer staff resources

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Reduced annual cost of cloud security

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Obtained patent for innovative cloud security framework using Fortinet solutions

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