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Optus Business

“We know that as more people work from home and enterprises rely on off-premise tech touch points, the cybersecurity risks go up… Together, Optus and Fortinet address this and other cyber threats with a secure SD-WAN that provides our customers with a cost-cutting, time-saving solution.”

– Deon Liebenberg, VP Product Innovation, Optus Business


Optus, Australia’s second largest telecommunications company, has partnered with Fortinet to significantly enhance its software-defined capabilities and give customers advanced security features and reduced complexity in one solution. The telco will also leverage its underlying fixed and mobile networks to provide more resiliency and enable quicker site deployments ultimately delivering a more secure network in a single package.

Learn why Optus partnered with Fortinet in this article.

Business Impact


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Ability to boost the competitive advantage of enterprise and government clients by more efficiently connecting their remote sites and remote workers

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Increased customer confidence in the security of Optus’s wide area networking services

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Improved operational efficiencies for Optus, as it can deliver SD-WAN and network security in a single solution

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