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Illinois State Treasurer’s Office

Illinois State Treasurer’s Office Sets an Example for State Agency Cybersecurity

“Without the partnership with Fortinet, we would not have been able to shed light for other agencies, very similar to our own, on the importance of looking outside of the box for the way they do security.”

– Joseph Daniels, Chief Information Officer, Illinois State Treasurer


The Office of Illinois State Treasurer manages $36 billion in revenues, creating a significant security burden on the CIO. To address a legacy security environment that was challenging to maintain, the agency rolled out several integrated Fortinet solutions. The user interfaces and single-pane-of-glass visibility of the new infrastructure have made life easier for the agency’s security staff. They have also proven highly effective at threat detection, helping the agency excel on a required external security audit.

Learn more about how the Office of the Illinois State Treasurer is staying ahead of the evolving cyber threat landscape in this case study.

Business Impact


icon benefits management

Simplifies training of limited security staff through single-pane-of-glass visibility

Compliance icon

Excellent score on information-security audit, thanks to completeness of weekly threat assessments

icon sandbox

Revealed suspicious applications lying dormant for 2-3 years through sandbox analysis

monitoring icon

Meets unclaimed property monitoring requirements and enables an unclaimed property “museum” with FortiCamera

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