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Fat Brands

Keeping Revenue Streams Alive and Threats Out

“Having that perspective and having the power of Fortinet to allow it all to run seamlessly across the network—that is golden.”

– Michael Chachula, CIO, Fat Brands


Fat Brands owns or manages hundreds of locations of a number of popular restaurants in the U.S. Some of its key challenges involve protecting restaurants from evolving cybersecurity threats and also ensuring turnkey, hands-off secure networking at the branch level.

For this, it selected Fortinet solutions to help it centrally manage the security and networking for its restaurants. Through the deployment of FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs), FortiSwitch secure Ethernet switches and FortiAP wireless access points, the company has a unified platform giving it visibility into its restaurants. With the solution, it is able to please restaurant operators with a secure, managed network that the networking and security team can manage remotely. Ultimately, the efficacy of Fat Brands’ Fortinet environment ensures reliable connectivity and strong security to keep revenue flowing.


Easy to Manage Security and Networking for Restaurant Branches

“Fortinet allows us to standardize and make the locations very secure, but it also ensures that we do not turn restaurant managers into IT people as they try to figure out what is going on.” – Michael Chachula, CIO, Fat Brands

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Business Impact


icon benefits reduce complicity

Turnkey, and simplified secure networking keeps restaurant operators focused on their core tasks

icon centralized management

Monitoring capabilities allow insights into restaurant networking and security

minimized overhead icon

Seamless networking eases IT management burden

Visibility Protection

Visibility into guest Wi-Fi usage helps create new revenue opportunities

connectivity icon

Reliable connectivity to ensure revenue generation versus downtime

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