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"The success of Exponential-e’s Managed Firewall offering rests on our ability to provide an efficient, cost effective and, most importantly, robust security service. Fortinet’s products have allowed Exponential-e to continue to offer a world-class service to our customers."

- Mukesh Bavisi, Managing Director, Exponential-e


Exponential-e, a London-based company, is an award-winning Cloud and Unified Communications service provider. The organization provides cloud, IT, and network services to over 3,000 companies and emphasizes the importance of providing quality customer service. The company recognized that the threat landscape is rapidly changing and saw an increasing customer demand for better visibility of threat data. This drove them to seek a solution from Fortinet.

Expontential-e had a need for a robust and flexible security infrastructure that it could use to cater to customer needs and Fortinet was chosen to provide that. Fortinet’s FortiGate Enterprise Firewall and other Security Fabric solutions protect Exponential-e and its customers from threats, increase end-user visibility, offer greater operational efficiency and reduce overall security costs.

Learn how Exponential-e increased threat protection in this case study.  

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