Fortinet Survey Reveals Irish Attitudes and Concerns around Internet use

Dublin, Ireland, June 25, 2014 – Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) – a global leader in highperformance network security – has published the results of a local research effort about Irish attitudes around Internet use and security. Based on the findings from this independent survey of over 1,000 broadband users aged 16+ throughout Ireland, the research showed:

- Security is a major concern
With results showing home technology is now accessed up to three hours and 45 minutes per day by adults and four hours by children, it is unsurprising that more than 70 percent of respondents admitted they were increasingly concerned with security. Of this group 66 percent worried about the levels of spam/malware while half (51 percent) feared that their PC would be hacked. Interestingly, in the era of Snapchat and Viber, social networking was less of a concern than time wasted on unproductive websites and bandwidth hogging.

These concerns have no doubt been influenced by media reports of significant global malware attacks. There is also a direct link between age and the level of concern around malware. Those aged 55+ are far more likely to be concerned about malware and spam than younger people. They are also more likely to be concerned about the potential to be hacked than other age groups.

- Attacking the problem
Among the 71 percent of parents who believe they are controlling their children’s Internet use, the most preferred method was “talking to their children” followed by “keeping computers in a shared area” and “supervising use”. Technology solutions such as “putting parental controls in the operating system”, “using broadband provider’s security”, “controls on router” and “installing parental software” were the least used options.

When questioned about which security areas parents are most concerned about, cyber bullying, exposure to threatening individuals and access to adult materials were the biggest concerns followed by (in order): sites selling illegal goods; gambling sites; extremist groups; dating sites; sex education; illegal downloads; religious /
alternative beliefs and with social media coming last on the list.

- Interest about home security product concept
Although Irish parents tend to trust that their children are honest with them and prefer an open dialogue rather than technical monitoring, there is a high level of interest in a home security product across a broad range of demographics. Almost 90% of respondents aged 35-54 stated that they were interested in such a product for the protection of their children.

One of the other key highlights is that 74% of respondents that have children stated that they were interested in the concept of the home security product to block adult content and the purchase of illegal goods (drugs, weapons). In addition, this type of tool will help Irish parents to set different access levels for their own personal use as well as their child’s, filter search engine results and remotely view children’s activity in real time.

In addition, 93% of those who stated they were interested in a home security product for their own protection would be willing in paying for it. If the product will protect them, particularly from hacking or malware, then the cost is worth the protection.

Commenting on the findings, Fortinet country manager, Shane Grennan says: “This detailed look at Irish Internet experiences shows, although aware of online dangers,
Irish parents tend to trust their children and prefer an open dialogue rather than technical monitoring. While this is a great place to start, we think that a combination
of technology controls and good parenting are required to fight the online dangers for our children.

In an advanced, persistent cyber threat world, some UK providers have introduced mandatory web-filters in response to UK government legislation mandating blocking
of illegal content. Most ISP’s have extended this blocking to include material that is not illegal but highly offensive, especially to young children. We think Irish broadband
providers could look at measures adopted by their UK counterparts and rely on network security vendors like Fortinet to provide them a comprehensive security.”

About: Fortinet Home Security Broadband Concept Consumer Research
The independent survey was commissioned by Fortinet to understand consumer attitudes/behavior/awareness around security and privacy issues and was conducted by Espion’s R&D division.

The sample size comprised 1,079 respondents on an online panel, 16+ that were nationally representative based on AGE, GENDER, REGION and SOCIAL CLASS. There was an additional booster sample included to ensure a quota of 600 of parents with children under the age of 17..

Key question areas of enquiry
•Overall attitudes and behavior around internet use and security (in general, and with respect to children’s use)
•Various screening/profiling questions around general broadband/internet use

Breakdown of survey findings available on request:

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