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Remove Blind Spots with SSL inspection

The FortiGate Next Generation Firewall delivers the industry’s highest SSL inspection to protect against attacks that hide in encrypted flows and prevent data theft and loss of brand reputation 

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Why Performing SSL Inspection Matters

The adoption of multiple clouds to migrate and consume applications has given rise to an expanded attack surface and an increased flow of encrypted traffic. Our customers tells us that, approximately 90% of their traffic is now encrypted.

Despite the volume of encrypted traffic, some organizations fear that inspecting encrypted flows and deploying secure sockets layer (SSL) inspection will collapse their security solutions. Yet, not inspecting encrypted traffic flows creates a blind spot that hampers an organization’s ability to differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate traffic. Without implementing granular application control, it becomes impossible to control and mitigate shadow IT.

Encryption is now a Trojan Horse
business continuity

Ensure Business Continuity with FortiGate

With as much as 60% of encrypted traffic containing malware, SSL inspection performance are critical to properly securing the network. 

FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) deliver the industry’s best SSL inspection performance, as validated by third-party vendors. As soon the traffic is decrypted, FortiGate NGFWs inspect it for malware, identify it, and block any and all threats automatically.

Fortinet NGFWs enable a security-driven networking approach to achieve full visibility across the entire attack surface and play a critical role in protecting corporate and customer data.

FortiGate NGFWs support the latest TLS1.3 and delivers the industry’s highest SSL inspection performance to eliminate network blind spots by enabling full visibility of clear-text and encrypted network flows.

6 Criteria for Choosing Next-Generation Firewalls
“With over 60,000 students and staff in 100 locations, Halton District School Board has a vast network to protect as well as personal data to keep secure. We leverage Fortinet’s FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls not only to mitigate risks, but also to gain greater end-to-end visibility into our security ecosystem. With Fortinet, we know we’re receiving the highest performing security products at the best price point in the industry.”
- Fernando (Fern) Pinho, Network Operations Manager, Halton District School Board
“We needed an affordable way to inspect SSL/TLS traffic without slowing down our network. Corsa and Fortinet virtual technologies are helping us do exactly that, even as our business expands.”
- Josep Bardallo, CIO, Grupo Recoletas

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Key Capabilities

Full Visibility

Supports industries latest encryption standards including TLS 1.3 and Suite-B.

Threat Protection

Best of breed NGFW security (IPS, AV, URLF) that is powered by AI-enabled FortiGuard services to protect from known attacks.


Fortinet SPUs offload compute intense operations from CPUs and offers industry’s best TCO and SSL inspection performance (measured by security compute rating)

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How Can You Benefit from Fortinet?

Manage risks

Full visibility helps detect and block threats in encrypted flows, preventing service disruption.

Protect brand

Preventing data exfiltration fosters customer confidence and prevents loss of brand reputation.

Industry's best TCO

FortiGate NGFWs offer the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), resulting in more efficient utilization of IT assets.