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Reduce Complexity of Operations with Network Automation

Simplify operations across the network with a unified console that enables enterprises leverage existing workflows

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As enterprise networks morph with digital innovation, many are deploying newer technology stacks alongside existing ones, creating an enterprise architecture that does not interoperate well. This drastically complicates operations, which is often compounded with a lack of skilled personnel to manage these complex networks.

Embracing an integrated network security infrastructure is the first step toward eliminating these critical problems. Further, automating workflows both reduces human error and addresses the skills shortage that the cybersecurity industry struggles with today.

FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer provide a network security architecture that connects all deployed Security Fabric solutions across the organization and enables the foundation for critical capabilities such as simplified provisioning, centralized management, analytics, compliance reporting, and automated response.

Simplified Operations

Simplifying SD-WAN operations is one of the core use case to make implementation and expansion of SD-WAN successful in support of digital innovation initiatives. FortiGate Secure SD-WAN, FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer offer best-of-breed SD-WAN management and analytics capabilities that help network leaders reduce operational costs, risks and improve efficiencies at the network edge.

"Excellent product to complement the administration of the different equipment and models of Fortinet. Easy installation and production. The configuration and administration is centralized. If it is required to edit a configuration in a team directly, it can be done and then synchronized with the FortiManager. Very useful for administrators."
- Analyst SR, Communications Industry
"Great Add-on for Fortimanager. We added FortiAnalyzer to an exiting Fortimanager setup. The process relatively simple and straightforward, giving us improved reporting capability""
- Network Administrator, Services Industry

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Key Capabilities

Easy Deployment

Enables turn-key deployment in minutes.  

Centralized Management

Scales management to over 100,000 firewalls.

Network Analytics

Provides real-time network visibility. 

Compliance Reporting

Accelerates compliance with report templates.

Workflow Automation

Easily integrates into existing enterprise tools.


Separate customer data leveraging ADOMs.

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How Can You Benefit from Fortinet?

Reduce Risk

Risk reduction through automated threat response, improved configurations, and better operations management.

Improve Efficiency

Efficiency and productivity gains through elimination of manual processes and centralized control and analysis

Lower Cost

Lower TCO due to reduced operational glitches and fewer security incidents requiring manual response.