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Automate Compliance

Simplify compliance across the network leveraging turn-key automations

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Compliance management is typically a manual process. It often involves multiple full-time staff and can require months of work to get right. Data must be aggregated from multiple point security products and then normalized to ensure that regulatory controls are reported accurately. To do this, network and security staff must monitor security controls using separate audit tools for each vendor and then corollate that information to prove compliance. This complex and unwieldy auditing process is inefficient and often ineffective.

FortiAnalyzer helps automate compliance tracking and reporting of industry regulations and security standards for greater workflow efficiency across the network. Plus, these capabilities are integrated at the network operations layer. FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer natively provide the capability to evaluate the network environment against best practices, thus measuring compliance risks. 

"Great tool for analysis and for visibility. It's very easy to filter logs and search what is required. Great tool for generate detail reports which are helpful in the case of troubleshooting and audit purposes."
- Assistant Manager, IT Security, Finance Industry
"Add speed to your incident response and analysis with FortiAnalyzer. FortiAnalyzer can analyze and report the log of products on Fortinet platforms very quickly. If necessary, you can redirect data and logs to other platforms. In our case, especially in our process of responding to this product number to direct malicious mail traffic. Firewall traffic, such as the process we are performing with the product."
- Incident Response, Service Industry

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Key Capabilities

Central Configuration Management

Group devices for configuration consistency.

Risk Assessment

Measure best practice compliance. 

Compliance reports

Provide canned compliance reports.

Workflow Automation

Easily integrates into existing enterprise tools.

Role-based access controls

Granular customization of access based on roles.

Risk scoring

Score against best practices by sector.

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How Can You Benefit from Fortinet?

Reduce Risk

Risk reduction through automated threat response, improved configurations, and better operations management.

Improve Efficiency

Efficiency and productivity gains through elimination of manual processes and centralized control and analysis

Lower Cost

Lower TCO due to reduced operational glitches and fewer security incidents requiring manual response.