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FortiVet Program



The FortiVet mission is to facilitate the transition of exceptional military veterans into the cyber-security industry, providing professional networking, training, and mentoring.

Vets Program


Program Description:

To open the eyes of veterans to the cyber-security industry with the opportunity of securing internships or employment.  These positions may be available at Fortinet or one of our many partners.  

FortiVets Mentoring Program

The Fortinet Veterans program focuses on helping veterans transition into the cyber-security industry.  The program seeks to capitalize on the natural synergy between national defense in the Armed Services and defending critical information for businesses and government agencies.  

While this is not an internship or employment program, the selection process for the Fortinet Veterans program is extremely competitive.  The program provides the following benefits:

  • Professional networking
  • Related educational guidance
  • Interview coaching
  • Resume review and revision
  • Mentoring
  • Circulation of resume among Fortinet and our partners
  • Military to civilian transition guidance
  • Program certificate of completion and recommendation letter

As part of the program, Fortinet will share resumes internally and with partners.  This is what creates the opportunity of employment, but does not guarantee it.  Every veteran is placed into a category based on their qualifications and their resume is shared accordingly.  For veterans with cyber-specific qualifications, we attempt to find them full-time positions at Fortinet or with one of our partners.  Inexperienced or entry-level veterans are encouraged to apply as they may find other opportunities at Fortinet or one of our partners. The Fortinet Veterans program attempts to effectively transition veterans of all backgrounds into the cyber-security industry.  

Vets Internship

Fortinet manufactures the #1 shipping security device globally, with over 4.6M devices deployed and over 6,000+ employees at 100 offices worldwide with over 5,000 reseller and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) partners. We secure over 400,000+ clients to include massive service provider networks, government and military entities, finance, retail, and small businesses. Today, the security engineering unemployment rate is .0%, the post-9/11 veteran unemployment rate is over 3%. This program seeks to bridge the gap between supply of veterans and demand of qualified professionals in the cyber security industry. 

Interested Veterans and transitioning service members, please email: for more information and application details.

The Veterans Program experience by our Hired Veterans

"The FortiVets program has provided me with tools, resources, and networking that has aided me tremendously. Look forward to seeing the program grow and continue to support our veterans."  - Juan Ynfante, E8-MSgt USMC, FortiVeteran
I had been discharged honorably from the US Navy after serving 5 years when I found this program through LinkedIn. Besides providing me with free NSE1 cyber security training, I love that the program offers job placement in the tech industry with Fortinet or their partners which I believe I needed the most. Mr. Garcia guided and showed me numerous productive tips on interviewing to help me be more confident, prepared, and ready for a win-win landing in this industry." - Kevin Doan (E4-Petty Officer 3rd Class US Navy), FortiVeteran
"If you're a transitioning USMC 06XX, Army Signalier, USN IT, USAF Combat Comm. I highly recommend Fortinet's Veterans program. This program was a career "GAME CHANGER" for me. Stephan Tallent, CISSP Jay Garcia and Andrew Adrian provided me with the additional skills I needed to make the move from DOD to private sector information security. You'll gain invaluable insight into the field, training and spot on career advice. Really gave me a solid idea of the best entry point for me into the information security field" - Windle Riles (E9-MgySgt USMC), FortiVeteran
"Separating from active duty can be a scary thought, especially if you're E-5 and below in the Air Force. Interview preparation, resume writing, and networking are just some of the tools you'll gain with Fortinet. They will help polish you up and guide you towards success on your new civilian life. I truly believe the FortiVets program is outstanding and a good cause. I greatly appreciate all of their help and support." - Francisco Fernandez (E4-Senior Airman USAF), FortiVeteran
During my transition from the U.S. Army I had the privilege of becoming a member of Fortinet’s Veterans Program, also known as the FortiVeteran Program. This fantastic Program is run by Fortinet’s Managed Security Service Provider Team, which includes a couple of Marines who currently work for the leading provider of fast and secure cyber security solutions, next generation firewalls and a vast array of network security products. The Veterans Program provides all accepted Veterans access to an entry level Network Security Expert certification, reference to their Partners seeking potential Veteran employees, as well as mentorship from fellow veterans and cyber security professionals. Accessibility to the mentors was probably what I liked most about the Program, as it allowed me to properly prepare for interviews. The Program also helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses which in turn gave me talking points during several interviews. This insight also allowed me to focus on improving areas/topics which needed it most. Best of all, the Program is at no cost to their participating Partners and past/transitioning Veterans! - Tregenza Henry (E5-Sergeant/Army), FortiVeteran


To view a current list of Veterans available for employment and get detailed program information please email