FortiCare Advanced Services for Enterprise provides integrated support to sustain and optimize Fortinet appliances. The service is delivered by the Advanced Services team, experts in Fortinet and security technology that is deployed in a typical enterprise environment. This scalable service has different service levels ranging from focused technical support to a comprehensive set of services to help with IT business continuity objectives. FortiCare Advanced Services for Enterprise includes the following options:

  • Premium service provides technical support excellence through fast track access to the Advanced Services team. It also includes training and certification, a customized account plan, and proactive after-hours support.
  • Business service includes a designated engineer who will become familiar with your environment and assist in regular ticket reviews. This level also includes bi-annual and root-cause analysis reporting, as well as Advanced Service Points which may be used to select the most appropriate service for your operational requirements.
  • First service provides a technical account manager (TAM), who collaborates with you to build and maintain a long-term technical engagement, providing technical support, operational reviews and quarterly reporting. The service also includes best practice guidance, upgrade assistance, extended software support to facilitate upgrade planning, and advanced notifications.
  • Global First service provides larger geographical coverage by including a designated lead engineer per major region.
  • The Advanced Services Coordinator acts as the single point of contact for Fortinet services, facilitating your overall service delivery and ensuring timely responses through a focused communication channel.