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FortiGuard SOC Incident Readiness Services

SOC Incident Readiness Services Brief
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The threat landscape and digital attack surface are growing exponentially both in volume and sophistication. SOC teams are expected to balance heavy loads of day-to-day work with readiness for potential attacks.

Our incident readiness exercises are designed from the ground up by our FortiGuard Labs team. Based on hands -on experience with real-world attacks, they are highly effective.

Our team will work with yours to prioritize activities based on risks, desired goals, and maturity level to build a sustainable plan customized for your organization. We offer IR readiness, playbook development, and tabletop exercises.

Practice will enable your organization to respond faster and more effectively to attacks, while providing a structural framework for prioritizing cybersecurity actions and investments.

FortiGuard Incident Response Readiness Assessments prepare your organization for incidents and shorten time to detection, mitigation, and recovery—while minimizing business impact. With today’s fast-paced threat landscape, it is important to carve out time for planning tasks in the SOC, among all the urgent reactive tasks. Assessing your technology, people, and process effectiveness against a full flow of attacks, and choosing risk reduction activities across all three disciplines will improve response and let you get back to business.

Our Incident Response Readiness Assessments will help you:

  • Assess your current capabilities for defending against targeted attacks
  • Prioritize cybersecurity actions and investments
  • Strengthen your response readiness and efficiency

FortiGuard offers playbook development and tabletop exercises to better prepare, assess, and guide SOC teams against an array of likely attack scenarios. They can also be training opportunities for organizations wanting to develop in-house capabilities. Example playbooks that can be developed include ransomware attacks, data loss, Business Email Compromise (BEC), spear-phishing, compromised credentials, and malware outbreaks. Each playbook guides analysts in detection, containment, eradication, and recovery.

FortiGuard playbook development helps you:

  • Strengthen response times and efficacy for specific types of incidents
  • Prioritize cybersecurity actions and investments
  • Learn prescriptive actions
  • Grow team strengths, insights, and incident response skillset


It’s one thing to have a playbook, a plan, staffing and skills. But even if you think you have everything you need, how do you know until you test that assumption? FortiGuard experts help you assess your level of readiness to assist you in identifying security gaps in cybersecurity posture and/or processes. The selection of tested cybersecurity scenarios will be customized to your organization and team. These can include attacks such as ransomware and phishing, or targeted tactics such as a hypervisor attack, VM-file attack, BEC, data theft/loss, and unauthorized access.

Tabletop exercises can help you:

  • Understand strengths, preparation level, and areas for further guidance and education
  • Strengthen response readiness
  • Prioritize cybersecurity actions and education
  • Grow team playbook knowledge, strengths, and incident response skillsets
  • Be better prepared with prescriptive actions and an incident response action plan


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Features and Benefits

Bleeding Edge
Threat intelligence and research from the FortiGuard Labs team

Cutting Edge
Incident response/forensics technology and tactics from real world hands-on experience

Established Procedures and Processes
Tested, validated, and optimized procedures and processes

Tailored to your needs
Practice that is tailored to your organization’s priorities and team skill set