Network Access Control

Complete and granular visibility of users and end points for Enterprise networks

  • Identify and profile every single trusted and untrusted device
  • Automate the threat response for Fortinet and 3rd party network devices
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Network Access Control

With the proliferation of IoT devices, it is crucial that organizations can identify and profile the various end points connecting to their networks.  A Network Policy and Access Control solution can profile those devices and then assign these appropriate levels of access and segmentation for preventative containment.  With continuous monitoring of the network, our solution can detect endpoint risks and automatically orchestrate a response by Fortinet and 3rd party devices.  

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Device identification and profiling

icon benefits identity and access

Simplified guest access with self-registration

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Continuous risk assessment

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Micro-segmentation of endpoints

icon benefits application

Automated response to identified risks

icon benefits application control

Orchestration of 3rd party devices