Top Strategies for Ensuring Network Privacy in the Cloud

Challenges with visibility, protection and compliance can arise as Network traffic becomes abstracted and the Data Center becomes agile and dynamic. In the first of a continuing series on Cloud Security, this webcast explores Network Firewall and Segmentation Strategies for Virtual and Cloud environments.

Data centers are being transformed with server virtualization, cloud computing, and software-defined networks. As your business consolidates servers and data centers, and extends workloads into hybrid and public clouds, how can you ensure data is properly isolated in multi-tenant environments? How do you provide broader access for mobile devices and BYOD while avoiding unauthorized exposure of corporate resources?

We will discuss:

  • Network visibility challenges in private and public clouds
  • North-south vs east-west topologies for virtual switch traffic
  • Physical vs virtual firewalls and security appliances
  • Managing security in the cloud and from the cloud
  • Four key considerations for architecting network security for the cloud