Quelles stratégies l'entreprise doit-elle adopter pour faire face aux principales vulnérabilités de sécurité actuelles

Fortinet Whitepaper: Strategies for the Enterprise to Address Today’s Top Security Vulnerabilities

Enterprises must continuously reevaluate their security posture with the never-ending churn of technologies that expand network infrastructure and the introduction of new regulations. To keep pace with constant change, plus the onslaught of evolving cyber threats, organizations need to have a proactive security strategy in place.

This Fortinet white paper offers timely insights into the top vulnerabilities that today’s organizations are facing and how to implement a security strategy that establishes the strongest possible protection Topics include:

  • Using automation to improve your security posture
  • Improving your control of the expanding threat surface
  • Enabling flexibility as you extend into the cloud
  • Consolidating the security landscape
  • Managing risk exposure

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