Gartner - Next-Generation Firewall Hype Has Become an Obstacle for Enterprises

Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) have been around for over a decade—and virtually every vendor now claims “next generation” as a differentiator. The reality is that many next-generation firewalls aren’t built for enterprise needs. Thus, according to Gartner, “security and risk management leaders should look past NG hype and seek firewalls that meet their specific use cases.”

Organizations must align their network and security requirements with specific use cases to determine which firewall is the right choice for them. What may have worked yesterday may not work today—or more importantly tomorrow. A leader in the Gartner Enterprise Firewall MQ, Fortinet provides a network security solution that addresses individual use-cases to go beyond NGFW capabilities for enterprises that include branch, campus, internal segments, and the data center.

Some of the recommendations covered in this research note by Gartner include:
  • As a starting point, determine whether your current perimeter firewalls qualify as NGFWs
  • Assess your use cases around areas such as …
    • Branch offices (SD-WAN, hybrid architectures, etc.)
    • Data centers (virtualized firewall, microsegmentation, etc.)
    • Implications of software-as-a-service (SaaS) usage
    • Growing impact of traffic encryption and inspection requirements.
  • Build an evaluation framework and test the new features during the proof of concept to pinpoint the NGFW that best meets your use cases

Download the research note.

Gartner, Next-Generation Firewall Hype Has Become an Obstacle for Enterpises, Adam Hils, Jeremy D'Hoinne, 19 March 2018