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Via Varejo

Retail Chain With Over a Thousand Physical Stores Securely Achieves Digital Transformation With FortiGate

“Thanks to the FortiGate and FortiManager solutions, we were able to block more than three million requests from bots, in addition to managing countless records of attacks in an attempt to cheat the system. Even with a high number of access attempts, FortiGate maintained the high performance and security expected, without any problems.”

– Marcio Borges, Infrastructure Manager, Via Varejo


A highly diversified company, Via Varejo is one of the largest electronics and furniture retailers in Brazil, supporting major brick-and-mortar and online brands. It employs about 47 thousand people at more than 1,000 physical stores and 26 distribution centers and warehouses.

With an increasingly complex supply chain, Via Varejo needed a better way to protect digital assets across its retail footprint. It turned to Secureway, a local Fortinet partner, which implemented a security-driven networking solution comprised of FortiGate firewalls and the FortiManager network management system. The new architecture has withstood the test of a recent Black Friday rush, thwarting numerous attacks. It also proved itself in a separate internal threat incident.

Learn how Via Varejo has gained greater peace of mind with the Fortinet solution—while upping productivity and cost-efficiency—in this case study.

Business Impact


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Increased agility in solving problems and preventing attacks and scams

Wi-Fi icon

Improved security of customer data, corporate network, and Wi-Fi available in stores

high performance icon

Higher quality in the service offered to customers and employees due to the speed of connectivity

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Easier security platform control and management

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