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Turkey’s Leading E-Commerce Platform Offers Flexible and Scalable Services With the Fortinet Security Fabric

“While investing in Fortinet, we invested in Fortinet’s unique and forward-looking vision. By switching to Fortinet solutions, we gained stability, integration, and high-level security capabilities. Fortinet Security Fabric solutions communicate with each other and respond automatically.”

– Günseli Gökalp, Director of IT Operations,


As Turkey’s leading e-commerce platform, brings thousands of brands and stores to millions of customers. With more than 200,000 registered storefronts and 22 million members, looked to the Fortinet Security Fabric to secure its flexible, dynamic, and scalable IT infrastructures. High-performance was key: During the recent “11.11” global shopping festival, Fortinet maintained system-wide security as logged more than 1 million simultaneous connections per second during the campaign period.

Learn how’s lean network and security teams are leveraging Fortinet’s centralized analytics and automated threat response to confidently manage this entire security infrastructure in this case study.

Business Impact


Visibility Protection

Improved threat detection capabilities

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Increased security levels and impact with out-of-the-box integration and automation capabilities


Met fast-growing business needs and information security requirements

minimized overhead icon

Managed wider attack surfaces and threats without the need for additional human resources

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