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Meredith College

North Carolina College Makes Network Management Easier by Consolidating with the Fortinet Security Fabric

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Meredith College faced pricing hurdles and inadequate performance with its legacy network. Increasing security threats in higher education, along with a proliferation of connected devices also spurred the need for more robust security. For these reasons and more, the school turned to Fortinet to modernize its network infrastructure.

Starting with deploying FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls, and followed by FortiSwitch core switching in its data center, the college saw the value of a Fortinet Security Fabric across its campus buildings and core networks. It extended security to all college-owned endpoint devices with the FortiClient Fabric Agent. And, it deployed FortiFone telephones powered by the FortiVoice Secure Unified Communications solution. By consolidating to one networking and security partner, Meredith College benefits from advanced data-driven systems that coordinate together in a cybersecurity mesh architecture providing a unified, automated security platform.

“The customer care and service support offered by Fortinet is unlike anything we see with any other technology company we work with and was one of the main drivers behind us becoming a complete Fortinet campus.”

– Jeff Howlett, Chief Information Officer, Meredith College

Download Case Study

Business Impact

Network management and security simplified by consolidating with the Fortinet Security Fabric

Much lower total cost of ownership compared to legacy system

Enhanced security posture through greater visibility


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