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Grupo Recoletas

Growing Healthcare Provider Inspects Encrypted Traffic at Scale

“We needed an affordable way to inspect SSL/TLS traffic without slowing down our network. Corsa and Fortinet virtual technologies are helping us do exactly that, even as our business expands.”

– Josep Bardallo, CIO, Grupo Recoletas


Grupo Recoletas, a major private hospital in Spain, provides top-class medical teams and facilities to provide the best services to patients. Grupo Recoletas manages the high-technology healthcare resources for four diagnostic centers, five institutes, seven hospitals, and 11 medical centers.

In the face of compliance and regulations, Grupo Recoletas realized it needed to ensure all traffic with confidential patient information was encrypted. In addition, the team wanted a powerful firewall that could inspect all network traffic without the performance degradation that typically occurs with SSL/TLS inspection. With a joint solution from Fortinet and Corsa Security, this hospital was able to encrypt traffic while maintaining high-performance and meeting compliance.

Learn more about the Grupo Recoletas journey in this case study.

Business Impact


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Reduced deployment time to minutes versus days, saving over €43,000 Euros in labor per site

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Delivered 3x to 4x lower solution cost without reducing performance

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Achieves regulatory compliance by inspecting 100% of SSL/TLS encrypted traffic

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