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Security Fabric Solutions Create Work-From-Home Options Quickly

“Without this security infrastructure, I cannot imagine giving all our employees home access to the valuable resources located in Fortinet EMEA offices.”

– Cyrille Carrasco, IT Manager, Fortinet



As COVID-19 grew into a pandemic, Fortinet, like many other businesses, needed to enable almost every employee to work from home. To transition as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, Fortinet’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) division leveraged firewalls, client solutions, and other security technologies they already owned. By simply tweaking some security configurations and optimizing their FortiVoice phone systems, the company enabled its remote employees to continue to be productive, even though virtual private network (VPN) traffic tripled. And the IT staff were able to manage the extended network as capably from their own home offices as they did on premises.

Learn more about how Fortinet met the remote working imperative securely and effectively in this case study.

Business Impact


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Enables 99% of employees to be productive from the safety of their homes

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Provides threat protection on par with on-premises network security


Enables call center employees to continue answering up to 50,000 customer calls each month, from their homes

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Streamlines network security management for homebound IT staff

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